messaging for emergencies


The App

SMS Responder's Android App (iPhone to follow) allows Members to receive messages via their phone's data connection instead of using SMS. This has 4 major advantages:

1. Cost

We charge a lot less for messages delivered by data (Wifi/3G) than those delivered via SMS, and on some plans they cost nothing. Only if a message fails to be delivered to the App will it be sent by SMS to the Member's phone*, and we only charge for data messages that are actually received.

2. Coverage

2G coverage is widely available but there remains a small number of locations where coverage is poor or non-existant. Some of your employees/volunteers may be unfortunate enough to live or work in one of these areas. However, nearly everyone now has WiFi at home and the SMS Responder App can receive messages via a broadband connection, further increasing reliability.

3. Simplicity

Although replying to an SMS is a straighforward process there will always be some scope to get it wrong. The app allows recipients to select from a fixed list of options, eliminating the risk of a 'typo'. FirstCall and TeamCall have just one button to click - "Responding" - it's hard to get quicker or simpler!

4. Hyperlinks

The app will detect any phone numbers and postcodes in a message and will link directly to the dialer or satnav app, avoiding the need to type in postcodes or phone numbers and further increasing the speed of responses.

* this feature can be turned off