messaging for emergencies


Enter a message, select the organisations/teams to contact and press Send

See how many messages were sent and delivered

The responder's contact names and numbers appear on the page - simple!

TeamCall - allows police/councils to activate multiple volunteer teams at once

To use TeamCall each party (control room, volunteer teams) must have an SMS Responder account. Many volunteer teams have one anyway, but a 'receive only' account is free.

The emphasis is placed on the volunteer teams to select a list of 'first contacts' and keep it up to date. The calling agency (police, emergency planning...) does not see this list or have responsibility for maintaining it.

A combination of data (app), mobile phone and optionally landline and pager messages, sent to multiple recipients, ensures a rapid and repliable response. Importantly, all recipients are notified when someone replies. This improves response rates (recipients can tell if no one has yet replied), and also ensures recipients know who, from their team, will be co-ordinating.

The contact details of someone from each organisation are displayed on the web page. Unlike a static directory or contact list, the phone number displayed is from someone who has just responded and who is available, now, to deal with your request. Alternatively the sender can supply details and the responder can call in.

The example on the right shows TeamCall being used from within the main SMS Responder website. However, TeamCall can also be used via a special desktop link or shortcut that does not require a login. These shortcuts can also be used from a smart-phone or tablet.