messaging for emergencies


TeamCall - allows police or councils to activate multiple volunteer teams at once

TeamCall extends our FirstCall system across multiple organisations.

Workload is rarely higher than in the first hour of an incident. Help may be urgently needed, but Control Room planners will have a long list of tasks to complete. TeamCall saves vital time by allowing Control Room staff to activate multiple support organisations at once (usually various local volunteer groups).

No more ringing round a list of unanswered mobiles or navigating 'press 1 for...' menus. TeamCall provides a quick and reliable method to make initial contact with voluntary sector groups e.g. Lowland Search, St John Ambulance, Churches Together etc.

Most importantly, once the caller has issued a request they can immediatelly return to other tasks while TeamCall does the rest.

National/Regional Bodies

TeamCall is also an excellent method for a national or regional organisation to rapidly and reliably contact itsí member groups.

Where a national/regional response is required an available co-ordinator can quickly be identified for each local group.

Mutual Assistance

TeamCall can also be used when local voluntary teams work together or provide mutual assistance.

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