messaging for emergencies


2-way Messaging

Many SMS providers offer a way to store SMS replies to your outgoing messages. However, these are mainly aimed at advertising campaigns and can be complicated to set up.

In contrast SMS Responder offers a simple, easy-to-use system that works "out of the box".

Originally designed to allow team members to indicate whether or not they could attend an emergency incident, this feature can equally be used to indicate attendance at a meeting, or vote remotely on a proposal etc.

This system links in with Event/Incident handling enabling your volunteers/staff to update their own status (e.g. attending, not attending, later etc.)

2-way messaging via SMS and via our app is provided to all customers at no additional cost.

Replies can be routed back to the sender's mobile (or another person's mobile) if required.

Multi-Event Replies

Two incidents at once? Emergency callout whilst collecting replies for AGM attendance? Surprisingly even some specialist Search & Rescue software systems won't cope with this! SMS Responder links replies to the original message sent, and to the relevent event or incident.