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Multiple User Accounts

For accountability and to help comply with the Data Protection Act, each user with access to the service has an individual user name, password, and PIN code (used when sending messages from a phone).

Strong Password Protection

The SMS Responder websites are password protected and use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) - the same encryption used for credit card transactions.

Passwords are encrypted using industry-standard techniques and cannot be viewed by anyone. For the technically minded this is salted hash Pbkdf2/sha128, using Chilkat Software's Encryption Library.

Audit Trails

SMS Responder records all key activities; e.g. logging on, making changes to the database and sending messages.

Data Protection

Our servers are located within the European Union and no EU data is held outside of the EU. Be cautious of 'cloud based' services that cannot be specific about where your data is physically stored as this might have legal implications.