messaging for emergencies



Low basic message costs

We offer voluntary organisations an account with no monthly fee, so if you send no messages in a month then there is no charge. SMS Messages are then charged at 12p initially, reducing to 8p per message for larger monthly quantities. Data messages (via our app) cost even less.

For customers with employees, or voluntary organisations sending larger numbers of texts, our subscription plans can reduce the per-message cost even further.

There is no additional charge for using 2-way SMS, Event/Incident Management or any other of SMS Responders more advanced features.

Least Cost Routing

In an emergency one mobile number per person may not be enough to guarentee your message gets through. Each recipient can have two or mobile numbers registered (e.g. work and personal), plus our app, a pager and a couple of email addresses! This may sound as if it will increase costs but we can send to the app first (the lowest cost option) and then to each mobile in turn until a delivery report is received. The result is maximum coverage for the lowest cost.

Selective sending

Costs can be further reduced by targeting messages to just those who need to receive them. An 'on-call' switch allows Members who are on holiday or sick to be optionally excluded from certain messages, and 'Groups' can be defined (e.g. First Aiders or Departments) to target relevent messages, even when sending from your phone. This makes SMS Responder much more cost-effective than systems that always send to everyone.

Email option

Sending a lower priority message that doesn't have to reach everyone straight away? SMS Responder can also send to email addresses (with attachments) at no cost.

Usage tracking

Reports show details of each message, who it was sent to, and who sent it.

For every message sent an email is delivered to your account owner with the same information.

Invoices also detail every message sent, so you know exactly what you are being charged for. This feature can be disabled if required.