messaging for emergencies



Web based interface

A database of members' names and mobile numbers can be entered and accessed from almost any internet-enabled PC using a user-friendly web site. This web site is also used to send messages. The website is password protected.

We understand that at four in the morning, with someone stuck up a mountain, a user-friendly system is essential! SMS Responder has been developed as a simple and straight-forward way to send SMS messages.

As its web based, no software needs to be installed on your PC. Your membership secretary, administrator or chairman can keep your phone numbers up-to-date from home or from work.

Maximum possible coverage

SMS is the most reliable format but there are some locations that simply have no signal at all. That's no problem for our apps if you have broadband and WiFi! Email and SMS to landline are also supported.

Send via SMS

Although the Web interface has many advantages, SMS Responder will also allow SMS messages from a normal GSM phone to be broadcast to all team members or specific groups. Replies can be stored on our servers and sent back to the sender's phone.

The combination of Web and Phone access combined means that SMS Responder is available to any organiser from home, from work, from their car or in the field.

No running out of units

Bona-fide organisations will be invoiced for units used - they do not have to be purchased in advance as with most other services. This means that there is no danger of running out of units during a busy period. It also means we can invoice your organisation direct - there is no need to use personal credit cards.

Operating Area

SMS Responder operates in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.