messaging for emergencies


Off Site...On Call

Whether its doctors, engineers, or search & rescue workers, staff from thousands of organisations can be 'off site' when they are needed. Many voluntary organisations operate with no permanently staffed 'base' at all.

When the time comes, there has to be a way of contacting staff quickly and efficiently. Phoning more than one or two is going to take some time - some will not answer, some may want to chat! If the time scale is too short for email then sending an SMS takes only a few seconds.

But what if you need to know who is going to be able to assist? They could phone in of course, but then we are back to the same problem as sending a message - phone conversations just take too long for more than a few people.

And if they reply by SMS to your phone it can be fiddly to work through multiple replies - and no one else can see the replies if you are busy.

So SMS Responder can collect replies so they can be instantly seen via our website, leaving key organisers free to deal with more important issues like organising transport or liaising with emergency services.