messaging for emergencies


External Services

Manx Telecom - Chameleon Direct
Dynamically swap between all UK phone operators to get the strongest possible signal.
Have your calls answered for you 24/7/365 within a couple of rings (or only if you miss them). The operator will send you an SMS with the message.

Useful Tips

iPhone Emergency Bypass
Receive emergency callouts even if your iPhone is on silent or if Do Not Disturb is on (iOS 10)

SMS Responder Documents

Quick Summary
A brief list of SMS Responder's main features

A printable guide to calling out resources using SMS Responder's FirstCall service

A leaflet on TeamCall which expands FirstCall to a multi-organisation environment

Using Tickets
The Tickets Operating Manual. See Page 80 for details of using SMS Responder with this Computer Aided Dispatch system

SMS Responder can help contact on-call resources, then assist in managing a coordinated response at national, regional and local level