messaging for emergencies


 Mike Hall

Mike has been in IT for most of his working life mainly in a support and project management environment. Mike has been involved with St John Ambulance and is currently one of two volunteer Nation IT Managers, responsible for both West and North regions of the UK.

Mike has been involved in the development of SMS Responder since its inception. He is responsible for the company infrastructure, including both resilient networks, and web server administration.

Paul Dollemore BSc

Paul has worked in Software Development since gaining his BSc in Computing from Reading University. He has been involved in voluntary work for Bucks Search & Rescue for 14 years; BSAR support the police with missing person searches, and form part of Bucks County Council's emergency plan.

Paul has been involved in the development of SMS Responder since its inception in 2003, and has the lead role for SMS Responder Development.

Vicky Dollemore MAMS

Vicky (Paul's wife) qualified as a medical secretary and has spent most of her career working for the NHS. Vicky volunteers for BSAR as a 'Dispatcher', taking calls from the police and using SMS Responder to deploy BSAR's volunteers.

Now co-opted to assist with SMS Responder, Vicky is responsible for the accounts, including invoicing, and takes a leading role in customer support.

About Responder Technology Ltd.

In 2002 the SMS service used by Bucks Search & Rescue was withdrawn, leaving the ALSAR search team with no callout system. Then recent recruit Paul Dollemore explains:

"I scoured the web looking for a workable alternative and simply could not find one; at the time SMS was simply not as developed as it is now. I discussed the problem with my longstanding friend, Mike Hall, who also worked in IT. After a few beers and the backs of a few envelopes, SMS Responder was born"

"Another ALSAR team also developed a solution but it was a stand-alone system using a laptop and a modem. Mike and I saw the benefits of an on-line service and slowly more and more ALSAR teams wanted to use SMS Responder - the rest, as they say, is history!"

Although a small company, Responder Technology now has a proven track record within the voluntary search & rescue and First Aid sectors, with business customers now also benefiting from their well-established services.

All three key staff use SMS Responder regularly for their own volunteering work, providing first-hand feedback to continually improve and develop the product.