messaging for emergencies



SMS Responder uses a mix of delivery methods to ensure that your messages reach the maximum number of people as quickly as possible. This ensures the best possible response to emergencies.

1. SMS to Mobile

Our original signature technology, SMS remains our most reliable single method of delivery with messages able to get through with the faintest of 2G signals. However, there are still significant proportions of population (and larger proportions of land area) where there is simply no mobile signal.

2. Data

Most homes and businesses now have WiFi installed, providing data via a fixed broadband connection. This will work even if the property is in an area that has no mobile signal at all. Messages are received via our own app.

3. SMS to Landline

Although SMS and Data are the preferred methods, SMS Responder can also send text messages to landline numbers, within any restrictions imposed by the operator.

4. Email

Although reliant on a fixed internet connection, emails are still a useful extra. For example where a place of work does not offer staff personal WiFi access, and has no reliable mobile coverage on the recipient's network, a message sent to a work email address could be read within minutes.

5. Pager

Although largly superceded by SMS, there remain some remote areas where pagers can still provide the best coverage. We can send to monthly contract Vodapage and PageOne pagers via their respective email interfaces.