messaging for emergencies


FirstCall - rapid and reliable activation of on-call teams

Where organisations have on-call specialists (either on-site or off-site), pagers are no longer the automatic solution. Using a very simple interface, FirstCall can identify one or two 'responders' from a list of on-call staff.

For example, a site may have a list of on-call staff to deal with a major incident. Pagers don't show who has received the message, or track who is responding. A manual phone list is usually simply too slow. FirstCall automatically echoes responses to recipients, so everyone knows who is responding.

A professional 'hotline' for the voluntary sector

Many of our customers provide a service to the police, ambulance, civil resilience bodies, or similar. But not every organisation has the luxury of a 24 hour manned office ready to receive calls for assistance.

Various alternatives have been tried; handing out personal mobile numbers, using 'duty phones', or paying a monthly fee for a special incoming phone number. Often these result in the caller waiting for someone to answer the phone when they have a long list of other things to do.

But in busy Control Room, during a serious incident, what staff staff need is a quick and reliable method of requesting assistance from voluntary agencies. Navigating call menus or waiting for minutes for someone to answer may mean the request is simply never made.

FirstCall provides an very quick method of contact with a professional image and high reliability, at a very minimal cost. This should encourage calling agencies to make use of your service.

FirstCall's main advantages are:

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If multiple organisations are involved then TeamCall offers the perfect solution.