messaging for emergencies



Associations allow related Organisations to cooperate using SMS Responder. For example, if there were 5 Mountain Rescue Teams in a Region, it would be possible, if the appropriate permissions were granted, for one team to send out messages to Members of their neighbouring team(s) to assist with a callout.

Statistics could also be gathered for the Association as a whole, e.g. the total number of Members with an advanced First Aid qualification.


SMS Responder comes with TeamCall. This service takes the ideas behind our FirstCall system and extends it to operate across an Association.

As with FirstCall, each team sets up their own contact list (usually 3 to 10 people) who will be sent an SMS when assistance is required.

All of the contact list are advised as soon as someone responds and the details of the responder are passed to the caller.

By distributing the initial message simultaniously across a whole contact list, the chances of a rapid response are greatly increased over a single duty phone, or even a 'multi-ring' phone number (these are usually restricted to ringing around 4 numbers at once).

Control Rooms now have a rapid and resilient method of deploying multiple support groups when the need arises.